Inter-Vehicle Alert Notification Using Light-Fidelity Technology


  • Muhammad Aliff Ashraf Zulkifli STUDENT
  • Noormadinah Lecturer


This paper presents the initial designs and results of a small-scale prototype of a vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V) using light-fidelity (Li-Fi) technology, a technology which was introduced back in 2011 by Professor Harald Haas that still needs more exploration on its sustainability especially for vehicular communication networks. Communication via vehicles proposed the most essential solution where in order to mitigate one main problem which is road accidents. For this proposed system, the functionality of Li-Fi technology will be tested accordingly by following several guidelines and objectives. Visible Light Spectrum (VLS) is used as the medium of communication between vehicles. Data transfers begins only at the time of transmitter and receiver are located within the range of line-of-sight. Whenever a vehicle triggers a communication, binary bits will be transferred corresponding to any information from the transmitter side. Both communication process and experimental results are also presented.