Sign Language Translator Application


  • Nadzirah Romizi student
  • Shahidatul Arfah Baharudin


Communication plays an important role for human beings and it is treated as a compulsory life skill. Normal people could communicate easily without any problems, however there is a hindrance for normal people to communicate with disabled people such as deaf and mute. This happened because disabled people communicate using sign language but only minority of people learn and understand the sign language. Human translator also might not be there every time to help and it can be quite difficult to understand the sign language. Hence, the communication is not going well. Thus, this project aims to develop a sign language translator application to help the communication between normal people and disabled people going efficiently. This project will be using some features in the OpenCV such as image processing, features extraction and features matching. This project also will use Android Studio for generating the android application. For beginning, this project will develop an application that only translate the 26 alphabets. All the analysis, equipment and methods used, application testing and results has been documented in this article.