Image Forgery Detection


  • Nur Sahida Amin Universiti Kuala Lumpur
  • Dalilah Abdullah Universiti Kuala Lumpur


Image forgery is a manipulation of digital image to hide or remove some meaningful information or object in the image. The detection of forged image is driven by need of authenticity and to maintain integrity also confidentiality of the image. “Image Forgery Detection” system is a system to detect the copy-move and copy-paste forged activity in an image. Copy-move image was the forged activity that happen by copying a region in an image and pasting it on another region in the same image, meanwhile the copy-paste image is creating a new image by replacing a region in two different image. By using existing algorithm of Simple Linear Iterative Clustering (SLIC) which to segment the host image into irregular blocks, Discrete Wavelength Transform (DWT) is to analyzed the frequencies of super pixel and Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) for the block-based feature extracted. The result finding from the module testing and test case was as expected result of the actual result.