Intensity Adjustment Analysis of Underwater Images


  • Farahwahida Mohd Universiti Kuala Lumpur
  • Norsila Shamsuddin Universiti Kuala Lumpur


This paper focuses on the subjective area of image enhancement techniques by modifying the colours and intensities. Image enhancement makes image more visually appealing. The underwater imaging tends to become bluish as the photographing activities go down deeper and deeper into the ocean. It is due to light absorption and diffusion effects of light. The images mentioned is taken from digital camera which has low resolution. The images undergo intensity adjustment methods as well as the colour map to seek for the correct colour of the images. It is found that both intensity adjustment whether adjusting the intensity values to a specific range or by histogram equalization illustrates better histogram as compared to the original images. The colour adjustment also demonstrates a good result by adjusting iteratively the red, green and blue panels. It is hoped that the study will benefit users with low resolution digital cameras to have better viewing as well as enjoying better quality of the images.