Appealing Chararacters in Malaysian Animated Film



Malaysian animation viewers rapidly influenced by digital media entertainment. The rise of such entertainment tends to drive them away from understanding what lies behind it that affect their emotion and thoughts. This research explore the observation of Malaysian youth, to understand on how they feel about Malaysian animated film characters towards appealing design.  A descriptive and One-Way Anova will be implement in this study to examine the design aesthetics and perception from the animation viewers that affects the psychological experiences in emotions that determines the appealing factors. Overall, the results indicate that the perceived appealing on Malaysian animated cartoon characters did not differ between age and gender. We believe this finding will benefits the creative content creators and help them to understand more about local animation viewers.

Author Biography

Mohd Rosli Bin Arshad, Universiti Kuala Lumpur

Animation Lecturer in Animation Section at Universiti Kuala Lumpur.