Internet of Things for Heart Rate Monitoring System



Technological innovations in the field of medical science has assumed an imperative part in disease prevention and diagnostic. One such progression is heart rate monitoring system. Heart rate is an important health parameter that is connected to the human cardiovascular system. Change of blood can be identified through an optical detecting system placed around the fingertip or on ears. The signal can be amplified and is sent to nodeMCU and then processed with the help of serial port communication. The pulse can be fingered from those areas where the artery is close to the skin. It is based on the principal of photophelthysmography (PPG) which is non-invasive method of measuring the variation in blood volume in tissue using a light source and detector. This paper describes a method of measuring the heart rate through a fingertip and show the heart beat on the LCD screen and sent the notification by Email and SMS and also stored the data using Google sheets.