Mobile Application Cycling Tracker – Virtual Environment

Suhaili Din, Muhamad Nabil Haziq Sahifulantkras


This study was carried out to create a mobile app for cyclist and help what cyclist needs and wants when on journey. Also, been made for user that want to train their stamina indoor by using gymnasium equipment or bike trainer by using virtual environment video. The main function of this application was provided speed calculation, calorie, current time and also virtual environment videos in Malaysia.  By creating this application on the common device platform, android platform was choosing for easy and convenience to user. Therefore, developer build an application cycling application that has virtual environment recorded in Malaysian roads. The application that have been created was given a feature that might be useful otherwise this gadget can be carrying around wherever user go. Although, certain application might help among the daily activities for example cycling. This application gives a data to user while using it. All the data might help to improve user performance and acknowledgement.

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